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- 2001 Oldenburg, Imported, Gelding 16.1 hds
- Sired by Sunny Boy (Sandro Hit / Donnerhall / Pik Bube)
- Proven PSG competing in Ohio this past summer, receiving scores as high as 70%
- Schools all Int 1 movements
- Super Temperament and great gaits
- Very easy expressive Flying Changes
- Very safe for an AA and very willing to work
- Anyone can ride him, as close to ' Bombproof' as you can get
- Can be trail ridden alone or with a group
Congratulations Sheryl Carter from TX and Nikki Taylor - Smith !!!!!!!

Dear Heidi,

Everything is better than I ever dreamed! And Im not exaggerating. Have taken Sancere to two shows. The first show, CDI, we got a 65% on the third day 3/3 and second show 61% and 63% only riding him one test a day I have NEVER ridden third level! LOL
Sancere is so well behaved and is letting me learn very quickly, easily and oh so fun I'm grateful every day and my life is forever changed because of you and this adorable horse. My dressage life of 10 years has always been nothing but frustrating, disappointing, confusing and sad until Sancere. I was ready to give up until Nikki got a hold of me
I'm sure you get these letters every day from satisfied clients but its important to me that you know how happy I am AND my husband Winn loves to come watch me ride and has seen major improvement in a short time. I get compliments all the time which is something that never happened before Nikki says we are going in a PSG frame almost the entire ride now, doing canter pir, trot and canter half pass, tempis (4's are easier than 3's!) and play with those fun fancy piaffe, passage things too.
So to sum it up, I've had the horse 6 months, had never ridden above second level, took Sancere to our first show three months after I had him and we are qualified for championships and working on 4th and PSG Nikki says he can do it but I need show miles! LOL WE do NOT ever over work him, over drill anything and as matter of fact he's getting a 5 day break this week. Hes earned a vacation. I love my horse!!!!!!!! It's fun for me to see how well you are doing on facebook. I'm cheering for you!

Take care! XO,
Cheryl Carter

Letter's and pictures from satisfied buyers:

"Dear Heidi,
Nessa and I wish you an very HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!! Nessa is (as you know) growing and growing in her abilities, she is an absolutely SUPER, SUPER girl, as kind and gentle as she can be.... We are attached at the hip, can not wait for next year to show her off! My heart is filled with such love, pride, and admiration for her... I wish you were closer to see her progress - you would be very proud too!
XXOO, J & N"

Hi Heidi,
Just wanted to give you an update on Willem. I renamed him Rustiano, you called him "What's Next." I just love him. He is working out to be the perfect partner for me. We just finished a NAJRYR clinic with Jeremy Steinberg, USDF Youth Coach and Rusty was definitely the star of the weekend. I am starting my journey towards representing Region 2 on the Junior Team. I have every confidence that with Rusty, I will ultimately reach my goal. Also, thanks so much for making the buying process easy on my Mom.
Celia Doherty
PS I included a recent photo.


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Congratulations Jody Schloss for making the 2012 Olympic games with Rebus!!!!

Jody Schloss Captures Highest Score at Global Dressage Festival National Challenge

Wellington, FL - March 7, 2012 - Jody Schloss, 39, of Toronto, Canada had another banner day at the Global Dressage Festival National Challenge on Wednesday. The Para-Equestrian rider received the highest score on Inspector Rebus receiving 72.500% in the FEI Para Test of Choice class at the Stadium show grounds of the Global Dressage Festival (GDF).

Schloss rode her first horse at 11-years of age. She left the sport for a while, but then returned to riding as part of her therapy following her injury in 1996. She has only been competing on "Rebus" for one year and is classified to ride in the Grade 1A level, which is for the Para-Dressage rider with the most significant level of impairment. She trains with Jessica Rhinelander while wintering in Wellington. Schloss' mom, Gail, who was on hand to watch her daughter compete, said that Jody really enjoyed the show.

"She was very happy with her tests today and yesterday," said Gail. "She also appreciated that the venue was wheelchair accessible. It was very easy for her to get around."

Schloss has qualified for the 2012 Paralympics in London and is aiming for a position on the Canadian team.

Equestrian Sport Productions

- 16.3 h, 12yr, Imported Dutch Grey Gelding
- Shown thru PSG recently over the summer with scores in the 60's
- Schoolmaster temperament
- Safe for AA
- Sire Sambertino


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“Dear Endel & Heidi:

I wanted to give you a report on “Mazzi.”

There he is: My little SPORTSCAR!!!! Finely tuned, happy, easy

He is such a wonderful horse. He is soooo happy here and has a real bond with me already as I do with him.

I am very happy he quickly acclimated and now he and I will have a wonderful journey down centerline together as he teaches me FEI riding!!!!

Thank you so much, Dee “

- 16hd, 2000 Trakehner Gelding
- Ready to compete PSG
- Super Easy to ride
- Fun horse to ride and Super Safe for an AA

'Queen of Hearts'

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- 6 yr old, 16.1 hds, Imported Holsteiner mare
- Super disposition for Dressage
- Clean Easy Changes
- Been to horse shows for the hunter shows in WEF
- Uncomplicated to ride
- NOT SPOOKY at all
- Very safe and great on Trails
- Now in full Training with GP Dressage Trainer

"Hi Heidi

Finally had a friend snap some photos so you can see that we are alive and well!

I love my horse!



Congratulations to Stephanie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5 yr old Westfalian gelding with over 20 placings in Germany
SOLD to Stephanie Chandler in Delton, Michigan

Subject: Remember usHeidi,

"Remember Stephanie and Judi Chandler who bought Lacord.
Cannot believe Stephanie has had him for almost a year. He has been an absolute gift. Great work ethic, personality and addition to our barn. I don't know if you knew that Steph had qualified him in the FEI 5 yr old Young Horse program. In Sept. we went to Lexington to compete in the Championships. When we arrived, there was top riders and horses from all over the country. It was a little overwhelming. We stabled next to Jessica Jo Tate and Michelle Gibson. I really did not know what we were doing there. Steph's goal was to be in the top 10 out of 20 over all. After the preliminary test she had placed 8th. She was thrilled. She knew she could have done better but her nerves got to her a bit. She now qualified for the finals two days later. She had a great test for the finals and was in 1st place until the last two riders. We knew unless "Cabana Boy" with Chris Hickey dropped dead in the warm up ring she had no chance to place 1st. Lacord missed placing second by a whisper. Second was 7.88. Lacord got 7.86. Stephanie was on top of the world getting a third with this little chestnut horse that Scott Hassler came up and asked "where did you get this horse." The first two placings were American breed. Lacord was the top European bred horse. At the awards ceremony Hilda Gurney came up and said if she could ride any horse in the 5 yr. old division it would be Lacord.
Every time Steph has taken a clinic with Jan Ebling he has offered to buy him. Thank you again for finding him. We always pass your name around!
Hope all is well with you. Do you share time in Germany and Florida? Do you still have that sweet little dog? Sorry for all the questions but we have thought of you often.
Take care. Thought you would like to know about Lacord and can take credit for finding him. I told Nancy also as she is in Germany now, and if you ever see Jenny whom we purchased Lacord from. Please tell her he is very happy with his new life. He wants for nothing. We cannot say enough how much we love this horse. Even if he never won a ribbon in his life, he is wonderful."

Take care,
Judi Chandler


- DOB 1995
- 16.3 hds, Imported, Dutch Gelding
- Shown thru Second level with scores in the 70's
- Schooling some 3rd level
- Adorable horse with EASY gaits to sit.
- Super Safe and Comfortable
- Great Vetting
- Sound with NO Vices
Congratulations to JJ Tate, Jaclyn and Mary Fried on their future Dressage Star!!!!

Sold in 10 days!!!!

Sent: Tue, Apr 6, 2010 1:34 pm
Subject: Thank you!

"Hi Heidi, just wanted to thank you for making the process of selling my horse, Nids, so easy. You handled everything very professionally and honestly, and it was much appreciated. I would highly recommend you. Thanks again, Sharon Darien"


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- 2004, 16.3 Hannoverian Gelding, Very Kind, Super Temperament for AA!
- Catalyst TFH is quiet and fancy and has movement for Dressage.
- This gelding is the whole package! He is drop dead gorgeous.
- By Corlando out of SPS Wynona (Weltmeyer).
- Catalyst is now showing Fourth Level.
- He will be a serious contender in the show ring as he moves up the ranks. Scores to date have all be upper 60's and lower 70's.
Congratulations to Jennifer Braun and her lovely trainer Jenny Baldwin from Colorado on the purchase of Catalyst !!!


- 16.2 hd Bay Oldenburg Gelding by Pik L - Pik Bube II/ World Cup I
- PSG/INT 1 Schoolmaster
- Bombproof
- Easy flying changes
- Extremely uncomplicated to ride Congratulations to Gaylia Bullock, in WA!!!


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- 16.2 hd, 2004 Dutch Imported Gelding
- Schooling 4th level
- Easy Tempi Changes
- Sired By Jazz
- Great for JR, YR or confident AA
- Very Talented and a Super Mover Congratulations to Shauntel Bryant from WA!!!


- 16.3 hd 2007 Imported bay Oldenburg Gelding
- Sired by Florencio I -Florestan I / Donnerschwee - Donnerhall
- Very easy to ride
- Show record from Holland, shown 3rd level
- Easy expressive flying changes
- Very comfortable Congratulations to Donna Gafford from GA!!!


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- PSG Schoolmaster
- Super Safe Bombproof
- 16.3 hd, Dutch Gelding, born 1999
- Sired by Prince Paridiso
- Extensive show current thru 3rd level
- Very safe for AA
- Big Canter, Easy Changes
- Recent x-rays
Congratulations to Debra Barron and Andreas Hamster!!


- 2003, Hanoverian, 16.2 hds, Chestnut gelding
- Bloodlines back to the famous Weltmeyer
- 3rd/4th level
- Very AA safe
- Great for a JR rider
- Could be considered 'Bombproof'
Congratulations to Robin Hudson and her trainer Martin Arnold from TX!!


- 16 hd 2008 mare by UB40
- Super fancy and forward
- 1st level
- Fun to ride!
Congratulations to Kaitlin Blythe and her Trainer JJ Tate


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- 2008, 16.1 hd Chestnut Imported Dutch gelding by the Legendary Londonderry Stallion
- Very flashy and comfortable to ride
- Easy to sit and easy in the bridle
Congratulations to Mimi Barnes!!


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- 2003 PRE Gelding, 16.1 hds
- Super Safe and Super fun to ride
- School Piaffe and passage
- Schooling PSG movements
- Very safe to hack on Trails
- Very comfortable
- Warmblood gaits and look!!
Congratulations to Madeline, Monica and Don Hausmann! Good Luck in the JR classes!! :)


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- 2002, 16.1 hd Dutch Gelding
- by the famous Stallion Idocus
- easy changes, fantastic trot work
- Forward thinking
- Great for a YR or confident AA
Congratulations to Ashley, Jeff and Carol Walker and their trainer Kendra Kent!!!


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- PSG/INT 1 - International gaits, Very competitive horse for CDI ring
- Super Quality for a Professional
- 17 hd Chestnut Gelding for sale
- Shown thru Intermediarie 1
- Super easy to ride
- Very soft in the mouth
- Very comfortable to sit, rides like your sitting on a couch :)
- Super character for any rider AA, JR, YR or PRO!
Congratulations to Lynne Poole!!!


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- 2003, 16.3 hd Westfalian Black Gelding
- Imported from Germany
- Won Materiale classes as a young horse 81%
- Super Blood lines - Stellar Hit - Sandro Hit / Donnehall
- Very Safe for an AA
- Schooling PSG
Congratulations to Kelly Bocia in Arizona. Good Luck on the Para Team!!!!


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- 2007, 16.3 Imported Black Oldenburg by Sandro Hit out of Rubinstein
- Super Character
- Super easy to ride
- Super gaits!!
- Super easy to sit!!
- Horse with great potential for the future!!!! Congratulations to Micki Galliano and Nancy Minehart!!!


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- 1997, 16.2 hd Chestnut Imported Oldenburg Gelding by Weltmeyer
- Totally Bombproof, sensitive to the aids, but Totally AA friendly
- Achieved 68% in PSG in Wellington during 2012 show season (2nd in large class)
- Also Achieved Silver medal for AA owner
- Very sweet and charming very sound gelding
Congratulations to Kriti Bergstrom on the purchase of Valentine!!!!


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- 17 hd Chestnut Dutch Gelding, Imported by Westpoint -Jazz
- Gorgeous Gelding with 4 white socks and stripe
- Easy to ride
- light off the aids
- Very narrow to sit
- Does not ride like a big horse
- AA Friendly
- Schooling 3rd level
Congratulations to Sarah Lipkowitz and her trainer from WI. Also, Congratulations to Christopher Taylor and Sporthorse International Inc. on finding another superb horse out of Holland!!!


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- 2003 16.2 hd Black Hanoverian mare by Rotspon
- Gorgeous and Talented
- Schooling the PSG/Int 1
- Very easy to sit
- Great for a JR,AA or YR
- Super Temperament, not mareish
Congratulations to Patricia Anderson and Shauntel!!!


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- 2003, 16.1 hds, Modern Type Dutch Gelding
- Schooling 3rd level
- Clean changes
- Easy for AA


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- 2002, 16.1 hd Black Gelding by Jazz
- Super gaits, very up hill!
- Priced to sell
- Very soft in the bridle
- 2nd/3rd Level
- Clean Flying Changes

Congratulations Libbie Walton and Heidi Willams!!!!!!!!

"Well, he's been here a couple days. Gets a little cold at night, but double blankets help. He is sooo wonderful. You know, it had been 2 weeks since I saw him last and was wondering if I would fall in love again. Took about 15secs to love him even better. He came off the trailer and looked around like "so this is the new digs, huh. Where's my crib." moved right in like he owned the place. He gets turned out with Buckbrush who bosses him but does not bully. I think Verito likes it.

Anyway, he is in such great shape!. not one fleck of Florida skin stuff on him. That is a record, I think. And thank you for the training! He was even better when he got here-freer shoulder, stepped underhimself better. I know that was your good work. I am in awe and gratitude. I am planning a great life for us. Although I am 60 in a couple mos, I WANT to learn and learn. This is the guy who will take me where I want to go. You showed me a great horse, trained him well and kept him pristinely. I hope you don't mind if I tell you about us from time to time.

I have sent the above message to Marina Parrish, who helped with the process. And I want you to know that Brittany was the epitome of professionalism during the whole thing. As was your groom, but I am sorry, I don't know his name. I am no biggy in the horse business, but if you want a glowing referral, I would be glad to oblige. (I have ridden horses in about 5 disciplines including driving for practically my whole life-I at least know what good care and training are. And I have a small but growing knowledge for the exquisite skill that Dressage requires.)

Blessings to all and thank you again and again.

Libbie Russo Walton, MD."


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- 17.1 hd Hanoverian Imported Gelding
- Schooling GP movements
- Confirmed thru Int!
- AA Safe
Congratulations to Evonne Hart and Valerie Valerie Heckrodt!!!!


Congratulations to Debbie Hill from AR and her Client Leslie Waterman on the purchase of De la Rosa. Lee Tubman he has done such a fantastic job with this wonderful mare!


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- 16.2 hd Sachsen -Anhaltiner Gelding, Imported
- Forward thinking
- Easy to sit and easy to ride
- Shown thru 3rd level with scores as high as 67%
- Clooney has nice self carriage and is totally uncomplicated
- Perfect for JR or AA

'Don Fredo'

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- Sired by Don Frederico/ Pike Bube
- 2007 Black Oldenburg Gelding, 16.2 hds
- Fantastic gaits, mind and hind leg
- Safe enough for AA, but Fancy enough for Professional
Congratulations to Jessica Beier!


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- 5 yr old 16.1 hd Trakhener Gelding
- Super Safe and Quiet for AA
- Very willing and easy to train
- Easy in the bridle and easy to sit
- Hacks and Trail rides
- Schooling 1st level
Congratulations to Heather Weingart and Trainer - Katie Bolt!!!


- 2003, 16.3 hd Gelding
- Super International Talent
- Shown thru PSG including Developing Horse Classes
- Schooling Piaffe and Passage
- GP Potential
Congratulations to Gon Stevens from TX!!

'U - Too'

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- 16.1 hd, 2001 Imported Dutch Gelding
- Super fun to ride!!!
- Very soft in the mouth
- Huge Expressive Gaits, but easy to sit
- Schooling 3rd level
- Safe and fun for AA, or JR Congratulations to Kristi McGuire from Naples FL


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- Imported 16.1 1/2 Oldenburg Gelding, schooling 4th level.
- By Don Primero out of Royal Dance
- Super International gaits (was a licensed stallion in Germany) gelded after Import at 4 yrs old
- Very light in the bridle, super supple, extremely wonderful feeling to ride.
- Easy to sit
- Perfect of JR, YR and or AA
Congratulations to Michele Sweeny and her wonderful trainer Alix from CT!!


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- 2003, 16.3 hd Imported black Dutch Gelding
- Sire Obaliesk
- 2nd Level, schooling 3rd
- Easy to sit
- 3 huge international gaits
Congratulations to Jane Cleaveland and Christy Parsons!!!

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