Growing up in Michigan, Heidi discovered her passion for riding at the age of eleven. She pursued her horsemanship with a Thoroughbred mare and entered in the 4'6 and 4'9 jumper classes. Soon, however, she became aware ot the exciting world of Dressage and has been happily concentrating on this equestrian discipline. She continued her love of horses while attending Michigan State University in Lansing. There, realizing Heidi's ability to lead, her peers elected her Vice President of the Michigan State Equestrian Team! Heidi received her degree in Animal Science with a Pre-vet option and an Equine emphasis.

After earning her degree she moved to Florida to further her dressage career. Patrick Bursens and Jon Brons were two excellent instructors Heidi worked with. She is an FEI trainer and had cliniced with Stephen Peters and Waun Matute.

In 2004 she was accepted into training under the tutelage of Olympic Gold Medalist, Hubertus Schmidt. She moved to Germany in the winter of that year and is in full training with her stallion, Ramiros. Heidi has become proficient in the German language and Ramiros enjoyed their stay. Heidi bought a new mare, Everybody's Darling, while she was there, that she with the help of Hubertus Schmidt successfully trained to the Grand Prix. She has shown quite extensively in Germany and received over a 70%. She also accuired numerous students in Germany who were consistently placing in the 70% and above.

Heidi Degele is now back in Wellington for the 2008 Winter season and will be staying year round. She successfully competed the Prix Georges/Intermediate 1 with her stallion Ramiros and Grand Prix with her mare Everybody's Darling acheiveing her USDF Gold Medal in the 2007 winter show season

She is accepting horses in training for the Winter in Florida for the 2009 season and in also available for clinics, both on a limited basis

Heidi Degele has several Americans clients that she is finding horses for in Germany. She has sold horses such as 'Rolling Stone' which is now a top Pan Am Candidate with scores over 70% in Wellington. She also sold younger horses, which one of them, Scott Hassler has quoted saying is 'one of the best young horses he has ever seen!' So, if you are looking for that special dressage horse at a reasonable price please Contact Heidi.

Heidi Degele has also become a head writer for the ' ENGLISH EQUESTRIAN MAGAZINE'! Which is a new Magazine for Horse Enthusiasts. It is focused for Hunter/Jumper, Dressage and Eventing with Instructional Articles, Horse Heath Tips and Classifieds. For more info please go to the web site

An American FEI trainer, Heidi Degele, has lived and trained in Germany for 2 1/2 years with Olympic Gold Medalist, Hubertus Schmidt. Heidi is now located just outside of Wellington, Florida. She learned German and made the contacts in Europe and in the United States. She makes it her business to find the best horses for the best price. Heidi has developed a keen eye in selecting a horse with top movement and potential and understands the standards which determine a quality horse. She is your connection to adult amateur, young rider or a professional horse for Dressage, at reasonable prices.

Are you looking for a special horse and/or a certain price range? She can save time and money by showing you only those horses that meet your specifications. You can contact her by phone or e-mail, she would be happy to welcome you in Wellington, Florida.

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Woman's career combines love of horses, law
Palm Beach Post
Equestrian lawyer Barbara Richardson of the law firm Shutts and Bowen wants horse people to pause and think before conducting equine business. ...

Highlighted Show results:

Wellington Classic 12-11-11
Winsor Rox 68.8% Intermediare 1

Wellington Classic9-23/24 2011
"Winsor Rox" Intermediare 1 65.5%
"Lakota" 2nd Place 2nd 3 64.7%
'Lakota Qualified' for Regionals 2nd level!!!!

White Fences at Palm Beach Equine 8-27/28-2011
'Winsor Rox' PSG 65%
'Winsor Rox' 63.4%
'Winsor Rox' Qualified for Regionals 2011 PSG!!!

Wellington Classic FL 7-23-2011
“Lakota” 3rd 3 64.87%
“Shantal Rox” FEI PSG 65.27%
'Shantal Rox' Qualified for Regional PSG 2011!!
'Lakota' Qaulified for Regionals 3rd level 2011!!!!

White Fences Summer Fun 6-4-11
‘Lakota” FEI 6yr old 75.6%
“Shantal Rox” FEI PSG 63.16%

Popular Place May Dressage GA 5-22-11
1st Place “Shantal Rox” 4th 2 64.59%<br /> “Lakota” FEI 6yr old 69.25%
1st Place “Shantal Rox” 4th 2 64.25%
“Lakota” FEI 6yr old 68.16%

Gold Coast May Dressage Wellington FL 5-15-11
“Shantal Rox” 4th 2 67.75%
“Lakota” FEI 6yr old 72%
“Shantal Rox” 4th 2 67.29%
“Lakota” FEI 6 yr old 73.8%

Wellington Classic Dressage FL 5-1-2011
“Lakota” FEI 6yr old 70.2%
“Lakota FEI 6yr old 76.2%

Welcome back to White Fences FL 4-10-2011
“Shantal Rox” 4th2 65.4%
“Shantal Rox” 4th 2 64.86%
“Lakota” FEI 6yr old 78%
“Lakota” FEI 6 yr old 78.6%

Welcome back to White Fences FL 3-28-11
“Lakota 6yr old test 67.6%
“Lakota” 6y old test 72.6%

Welcome back to White Fences FL 3-20-11
“Lakota” 6yr old test 67%
“Lakota” 6yr old test 76%

Welcome back to White Fences FL 2-25-2011
“Lakota” 2nd 1 68.57%
“Shantal Rox” 3rd 3 64.35%
Shantal Rox 4th 2 67.57%

White Fences Polar FL 12-18-10
“Lakota” 5 yr olds 70.4%
‘Shantal Rox 6yr old 72%

Wellington Classic FL 12-12-10
“Lakota” 5 yr old 68.6%
“Shantal Rox” FEI 6yr old 71.6%

Wellington Classic FL 10-24-2010
“Lakota” FEI 5yr old 70%
“Shantal Rox” FEI 6 yr old 74%

Wellington Classic FL 7-24-2010
“Lakota “ 1st 3 67.14%

Wellington Classic Fall Challenge FL 9-18-2010
“Lakota” FEI 5YR 68.6%
“Shantal Rox” FEI 6YR 70.4%
“Lakota” FEI 5YR 70%
“Shantal Rox” FEI 6 YR 69.6%

Dressage in the Tropics Ocala FL 7-25-10
“Lakota” 5 YR 68.4%

White Fences Summer Fun FL 6-13-2010
“Lakota” 1st 3 64%

Welcome to White Fences FL 4-11-2009
“Cappucino” 65.789%

Wellington Classic 3-2009
“Capuccino” FEI PSG 65%

Gold Coast Opener Wellington FL 1-23-2009
“Capuccino” 3rd 1 66.41%
1ST PLACE “Capuccino” 3rd 2 67.949%
“Capuccino” 3rd 3 64.65%

Welcome Back to White Fences 2-3-2009
1st PLACE “Capucino” 3rd 2 66.41%

Gold Coast Opener Wellington FL 2009
Capucino 3rd 2 67.99%

Wellington Classic Dressage FL 4-28-2007
“Ramiros” Intermediare 1 Freestyle 65%
“Ramiros” PSG 65%
“Everybody’s Darling” Grand Prix 60%

1 st PLACE WINNER OF DRESSAGE/JUMPING 2007 Spectacular with “Ramiros” breaking the tie in Dressage (breaking Anne Kursinski’s and Bent Jensen’s 7 yr in a row win)

Dressage at Equestrian Estates FL 4-1-2007
“Ramiros” PSG 64.5%

Twice as Nice Dressage Ocala, FL 3-4-2007 3-4-2007
“Ramiros” FEI PSG 67%
“Ramiros” FEI INT 1 65.75%
1st PLACE “Everybody’s Darling” FEI Grand Prix 64.375%

Welcome Back to White Fences FL 2-3-2007
“Ramiros”FEI Intermediarre 1 64.25%

Competed/Trained in Germany at Hubertus Schmidt’s farm 2004-2007

Show results Europe:
Competed S Level
2nd Place M Level ‘Everybody’s Darling’ 72%
Placing above Nicole Uphoff in M LEVEL with “Ramiros”

Gold Coast Dressage Grand Finale Wellington, FL 4-24-2004
“Ramiros’ Fourth level 2 64.65%

Dressage at Equestrian Estates FL 3-28-2003
“Ramiros” 2nd 2 67.56%

Wellington Dressage FL 2-2-2002
“Kenousa” TR 66.53%

Tropical Heat 6-23-2002
“Ramiros” First level 4- 65.88%

Grand Finalle 11 Wellington FL 4-21-2002
“Ramiros” First level 4 - 65.88%

Waterloo August Dressage Show MI 8-10-2001
“Alfredo”FEI Pri St Georges 64.12%

Ohio Dressage Festival 8-5-2001
“Alfredo” FEI Pri St Georges 66.25%